A bit more about us…

Wierda Park Outfitters forms part of the Constantia Outfitters group. With 49 years experience behind our name, we deliver high quality School uniforms and Sportswear to more than 80 Schools.

Being part of the community for many years, provides us with ample knowledge of the school community’s needs and for school wear.

We enjoy a special relationship with our manufacturers, and thus we can offer good quality school wear at more affordable prices. As all parents of learners are aware, purchasing of school wear can be a financial burden; therefore, it is our policy to pass on any savings to our clients.

Wierda Park Outfitters aims to work in close relationship with the management of schools to ensure uniformity and availability of stock, and is continuously sourcing best quality school wear at reasonable prices as the company is not bound to one manufacturer.

Our Services include: 

  • Conceptualization and design of school uniform and sportswear, as well as the management of changes in style and fabric during business hours and Saturdays.
  • Stock and supply of school uniforms and sportswear from various outlets in Pretoria and Centurion
  • Minor alteration and tailoring services for special individuals
  • Operational management and supply of stock to school clothing shops, operating on school premises
  • Management of business relationships with schools to ensure that the expectations regarding school wear are met at all times
  • Business relationships with schools are conducted within the framework of agreements which are meeting the requirements of a fair competitive